Hand drawn illustration + Pattern design + 3d render
The "Toile de Jouy" is used in many ways (on coats, dresses, t-shirts, mugs, lamps, furniture...) but the one thing that never changes if the illustrations on the pattern. Generally of a rustic theme such as a couple having a picnic by a lake or an arrangement of flowers, also ordinary day to day life scenes, the normality of life. So that's why I decided to change all those "normal life scenes" to scenes showing dead animal, hunted, used in labs or just killed for "sports".
Using the pattern subliminally delivers a message, we've all seen this print, and we never pay attention to what it shows, even if it's right under our nose.
​​​​​​​Five illustrations depicting different ways that animal rights have been violated. During a quick research on google before starting drawing, I was shocked by how easy it was to find information on this subject and how reportedly common some of those practices are. At this point I wanted to focus on this aspect of the problem, the fact that it's happening every day under our noses, that these atrocities have become "normal". ​​​​​​​

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