Spotify - LDN

Client: Spotify
Service: Graphic Design, Wayfinding, Activation
Studio: Acrylicize


Award winning global brand experience.

Spotify aimed to unify offices, promote creativity, and collaboration through developing a unique brand expression. This involves collaborating with architecture practices to create spaces that reflect the Spotify brand and local culture. The design strategy focuses on the feel and flow of each space to create a seamless and immersive environment with engaging artworks.

When representing the brand, small details and major moments are equally significant.

I've developed a wayfinding strategy that enables effortless navigation throughout their spaces. This included creating a set of unique and personable icons as well as carefully selecting colors, resulting in a cohesive visual style for the growing company.

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@ 2023 Samad Boughalam

@ 2023 Samad Boughalam

@ 2023 Samad Boughalam