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It has been a long time since I recorded a show, so much more important thing seemed to take over, but sometimes the things that don't seem important are the right thing to do at that moment.

So here it is, a new show on @fields.Radio , and new concept (or excuse) to record a set. I always wanted to be that guy who could hold a journal, daily writing and reflections... but "that's not me". So what about "an audio journal", a logbook, but because I can't express myself well enough in French, English or Arabic (#masterofnone ), I'll use music, as we all know, this sonic art has the power to put words on feelings and feeling on words across all frontiers and languages, time and space. This set is an audio journal of the last months, inspired by global and very local events, from covid to BLM, from feeling homesick to the birth of my daughter and the music that followed me during these surreal days.

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@ 2023 Samad Boughalam

@ 2023 Samad Boughalam

@ 2023 Samad Boughalam